Multi Port Forwarder

Multi Port Forwarder 6.43

Multi Port Forwarder enables you to redirect requests to another IP and port

Using a custom server for a program that does not have an option to change it can prove to be complicated. Thankfully, Multi Port Forwarder brings a solution to this issue by allowing you to redirect any request performed by your computer to another destination.

Multi Port Forwarder is quite easy to use, and the interface is well designed. You can add a forwarding rule with just one click on the icon with a plus sign. You can then modify the rule that you've just added to adjust how it redirects the traffic. The left side of the panel is dedicated to filtering the traffic that you want to redirect. You can specify a protocol, an IP address, and a port among other parameters. You can then set the redirection parameters on the right side of the panel.

While Multi Port Forwarder works as intended, it nonetheless suffers from several limitations. The main downside of this piece of software is that it is not compatible with Windows Server Virtualization (also known as Hyper-V). If you use this virtualization tool, then the traffic won't be redirected. Fortunately, other virtualization platforms such as VMware are compatible.

Another drawback of this request forwarding tool is that it only operates on your computer. If you redirect network traffic to a port that is blocked by your router, it will not be able to configure it so that it would be forwarded correctly. You will need to perform the changes on your router by yourself.

All in all, Multi Port Forwarder is a handy and easy-to-use tool that allows you to locally redirect network requests to another port or IP. Yet, it is not compatible with Microsoft's Hyper-V.

John Static
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  • Simple interface
  • Rule activity monitoring
  • Able to use IP address or domain name


  • Cannot work with Hyper-V
  • Cannot forward ports on the router
  • The help button redirects to the main page
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